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Aspen Peak: 8 Local Heroes Bettering the Future of the Planet and It's People

By Greg Poschman in Aspen Peak | October 14, 2020



Our Part foundation educates and collaborates with donors to build a philanthropic community that supports organizations best poised to drive rapid change. According to its mission, “We must fund solutions that ensure the widespread adaptation of cheap and market- ready renewables. We need public pressure and political will to continue and increase the demand for clean energy.”

Philanthropy can act quickly to fund new and aggressive solutions that would otherwise be bogged down if part of the government process. “It’s up to us to fund the initiatives that make change quickly,” says co-founder Jill Soffer. “Currently, $4 billion a year is spent globally on climate denial and misinformation campaigns. Much of this is in ‘philanthropic’ dollars. With smaller, well-targeted investments, philanthropy can fight back effectively.”

Read the full article on Aspen Peak.

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